How to change a truck tyre?

Conventional automatic tire changer in car truck service

You must be capable of changing tyres as a driver, for as, when switching from winter to summer tyres in a truck or vice versa, or in the case of a puncture. Though you learn this during your training, you need to perform the work steps for an extended period to remember. As a result, we will go over the process step by step.

Jack up the truck with a lifting platform or a truck jack.

First, you must jack up the truck, which is done with a truck jack or, better yet, a lifting platform. The primary need is that you have been taught how to operate the required equipment or that a certified person accompanies you.

The vehicle must be handled correctly and securely so that you may work on it safely.

How to remove the truck tyre?

Now, unscrew the wheel bolt nuts. The easiest method to accomplish this is to utilize a low-noise pneumatic screwdriver. Wear hearing protection to comply with workplace health and safety rules and to guard your ears. 

Once the wheel is free, grip it with both hands from the outside and slowly pull it off. Follow basic ergonomic methods to prevent the tire’s weight from rapidly leading to back aches.

Truck tyre cleaning and deflation

The rims may have brake dust on them, and this should be removed only during wet washing (ideally in a wheel washer). If you spin it up during dry cleaning, you may breathe it in, which may harm your health. 

Allow the air to escape from the cleaned tire. Using a valve extractor, unscrew the valve core.

Using the truck tyre changer to remove tyres

The tyre changer makes removing and replacing tyres on the rims simple. You must set your bead breaker as near the rim flange as possible without actually contacting it. 

If the tyre is tight, crank the wheel several times more to release the beads by continuously using the bead breaker.

Clamp the wheel onto the tyre changer now. Use clamping jaws or guard rings to protect the centering on alloy wheels. Check for air pressure sensors and replace the old valve with a new one. 

Then, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, adjust the tyre fitting arm to the right tyre size. Remove the tyre by undoing the beads one at a time.

Examine the truck rims thoroughly.

Turn the machine’s wheel slowly and carefully inspect the rim. If there is any corrosion, dents, or cracks, contact professionals if necessary and carry out small repairs. The rim must be in good shape for future travels.

When raising the tyre pressure, use caution!

Damaged tyres or improper compressed air inflation can cause incidents in which the tyre explodes or is flung away. As a result, certain precautions must be taken. Tyre fitting systems that simultaneously function as inflators are perfect, and these methods are secure and help you save time and money.

How to Install a New Truck Tyre?

Check the final tyre for cracks or minor damage and that it is in good

shape. The final wheel may then be taken to the back of the truck and loosely

attached, secured with two opposing bolts.

Two-wheel nuts center the wheel, then tighten the remaining bolts only halfway before lowering the vehicle. For this last tightening procedure, do not use a wheel gun! Otherwise, you run the danger of exceeding the proper tightening torque.

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Adjust the inflation pressure

After installation, you must set the tyre pressure to the recommended amount, which may be found in the tyre manufacturer’s application table. Even if you just replaced one truck tyre, you should check and adjust the pressure in all of them.

Take caution when replacing truck tyres/Conclusion

The riskiest aspect of tyre replacement is inflating with compressed air, which can result in major accidents. A professional specialist should show you how to use the jack and the truck tyre changer.

Adjust all tyres to the necessary pressure when the finished wheel has been

properly mounted to the truck.

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